Here, we are trying to answer few of the commonly asked questions by our patients.

1. What is a Primary Care Physician (PCP)??

A Primary Care Physician is a healthcare practitioner who is either a physician (MD or DO), nurse practitioner or PA as allowed under state law, who provides, co-ordinates or helps a patient access a range of health care services.

2. What is a Internist??

Internist are physicians who are specialized in internal medicine, which is a medical speciality focused on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases. They treat wide varieties of conditions including acute and chronic diseases for adult and geriatric patients. 

3. Can I discuss my acute or chronic conditions during my wellness visits?

Wellness visit is not intended for discussion of new problems or detailed review of chronic condition. We recommend you make a separate appointment for a problem visit also known as Routine Office Visit  if you have a new or chronic health problems other than a routine physical exam.

4. I came for a wellness visit but I also need to discuss about my acute problem. Can I do that??

If we find that you have an acute problem that needs immediate attention before or during the wellness visit, your provider may change the visit type to a problem visit and reschedule your wellness for a later date. Or may be choose to go ahead with your wellness visit and defer the problems to another routine office visit. 

5. I have Medicare part B. Does my insurance cover annual physical exam??

Medicare doesn't cover a physical exam on an annual wellness visit. But Medicare covers wellness visit once a year if you have Medicare part B for more than 12 months.

6. So, what is the difference between Medicare wellness and Annual physical exam??

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