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Having an annual physical is one of the ways that you can protect your long-term health and ensure your optimal wellness. Mandeep Acharya, MD, of Texas Primary Care Specialists offers annual physicals to people living in and around Frisco, Texas. For a quality wellness checkup, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Annual Physical Q&A

What is an annual physical?

An annual physical is an essential part of quality preventive care, ensuring your long-term health and wellness. 

Dr. Acharya offers comprehensive annual physicals for adults of all ages to: 

  • Discuss long-term health goals 
  • Assess health risk factors
  • Look for signs of disease
  • Build doctor-patient trust 
  • Update your health and medication record
  • Screen for common illnesses
  • Make specialist referrals 
  • Connect you with applicable community services

An annual physical is also a vital part of your ongoing maintenance plan for any chronic conditions. Dr. Acharya collects essential information that may indicate progression or improvement of your chronic disease so he can make any necessary changes to your plan of care. 

What does an annual physical entail?

During your annual physical, Dr. Acharya and the team at Texas Primary Care Specialists work together to collect important information about your health status. 

The team tailors your yearly assessment to your specific needs depending on your age, gender, and risk factors and may:

  • Collect vital signs and weight
  • Update your health history 
  • Perform a physical assessment 
  • Screen for cancer or high blood pressure
  • Order routine laboratory testing
  • Collect urine or stool samples
  • Update your immunizations
  • Evaluate your mental health

As part of a comprehensive men's health plan, you may also receive a testicular, rectal, and prostate exam and a PSA test to screen for signs of cancer and common male health concerns. 

Annual women's health assessments include a cervical and breast exam, and the doctor may recommend specialized blood work, a mammogram, or diagnostic testing, if needed.

What happens after my annual physical?

After your annual physical, Dr. Acharya discusses his findings with you and may discuss changes to your ongoing preventive care plan or chronic care plan. 

Based on your current health, past medical history, lifestyle, and family history, he may recommend and of the following:

  • Colonoscopy 
  • Allergy testing
  • Medication changes
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight-loss management 
  • Nutritional support 
  • Health counseling 
  • Specialist referrals

Dr. Acharya may order further testing if you show signs of anemia, kidney or liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, a thyroid disorder, hepatitis C, nutritional deficits, a sexually transmitted disease (STD), diabetes, or high cholesterol. Once he receives your diagnostic testing results, he calls or recommends you come in for a follow-up visit.

To protect your long-term health and wellness, call the office or schedule an annual physical online with Texas Primary Care Specialists today.