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When you have a goal of long-term wellness, it’s essential you have a provider who helps you meet your health goals. Mandeep Acharya, MD, of Texas Primary Care Specialists, offers a wide range of services to support the complete, long-term wellness of patients living in and around Frisco, Texas. For a personalized wellness plan, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Wellness Q&A

What is total wellness?

Total wellness is an achievable, long-term goal that considers every aspect of your health, including physical, mental, and emotional. 

Embracing wellness means you actively pursue and protect your optimal health, which entails:

  • Personalized preventive care
  • Quality acute care
  • Complete chronic care
  • Reasonable health goals
  • Health risk assessments 
  • Customized health screenings
  • Holistic nutrition and weight management
  • Comprehensive mental and emotional health support 

Dr. Acharya, your primary care provider, is a vital member of your health care team who oversees your optimal wellness throughout your lifetime. The Texas Primary Care Specialists team coordinates and customizes your wellness plan to fit your goals and specific needs.

What is a Medicare wellness visit? 

A Medicare wellness visit is an annual health assessment covered by Medicare Part B. Dr. Acharya completes a health risk analysis and creates a preventive care plan that supports your long-term health and wellness. 

An annual physical is not part of your wellness visit, but the Texas Primary Care Specialist team collects information to: 

  • Update your medical and family history 
  • Develop an updated list of your medications and providers
  • Assess your height, weight, and vital signs
  • Evaluate your cognitive health
  • Detect early signs of chronic illness, including Alzheimer's or dementia
  • Offer personalized health advice 
  • Determine your health risks

After your Medicare wellness visit, your customized preventive care plan and health screening schedule are put into action. You schedule your annual physical, diagnostic testing, or recommended referrals later. 

What is an annual wellness exam?

An annual wellness exam, or physical, takes place about every 12 months and involves a physical assessment. Your yearly physical is an essential part of protecting your health and a key factor in effective preventive care. 

During your annual wellness exam, Dr. Acharya: 

  • Collects your weight, height, and vital signs
  • Updates your health and medication record
  • Assesses your coordination, vision, and hearing
  • Evaluates your breathing and circulation
  • Monitors your nutritional, mental, and emotional health
  • Looks for signs of acute or chronic disease
  • Assesses your neurological health and mobility 
  • Collects routine blood or urine samples

Your physical health is essential to your overall wellness. Your annual physical and Medicare wellness visit help the Texas Primary Care Specialists team support you as you achieve your optimal health and total wellness. 

For personalized wellness care, call the office or schedule an appointment online with Texas Primary Care Specialists today.