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Urgent Care in Frisco, TX

At Texas Primary Care We Want to Make Sure That You or Your Loved Ones Leave Feeling Better. Our Expert Doctors Look Forward to Helping You and Your Family and Friends! We are Located at 9191 Kyser Way #205 Frisco, TX 75033. Make Sure You Call Us if You Have Any Questions at (972) 458-4742.

Urgent Care in Frisco, TX

When you suffer a nonlife-threatening illness or injury, chances are you don’t want to wait days to see a medical professional. Sure, you could go to your primary care physician, but it’s unlikely you’d be able to be seen quickly. A trip to the emergency room? Prepare yourself for long waits and a high medical bill. Frisco, TX residents have an affordable alternative available to them, Texas Primary Care. Our board-certified doctors are available to diagnose and treat you. Don’t delay treatment and start to feel better today with a visit to our physicians. We provide urgent care with no appointment needed. You can rely on us for immediate care if you’ve come down with a severe illness or have suffered a deep cut. Nearly 80% of all emergency room visits can also be handled in an urgent care center. Let us save you time and money and help you.

Besides offering immediate care, our medical facility also provides a variety of common everyday services you would find at your regular doctor. Instead of taking a day off from work to fit an inconvenient appointment time, considering visiting our medical professionals to save you time! One service we provide that many in the Frisco, TX area find helpful is assisting them with chronic diseases. Some diseases can’t be cured but can be managed, so a person maintains the same high quality of life. Some health concerns we can help you manage include diabetes, asthma, arthritis, kidney disease, and migraines. For a complete list, visit our web page dedicated to this service under patient services.

Another service we offer is vaccinations. Many deadly diseases are no longer a concern because scientists have developed vaccines to fight them. School districts often require a child to be up to date on their vaccines to attend. We keep many of the needed vaccines in stock at our facility. If you are unsure if you or your child is up to date, bring in your immunization records, and we’ll research what vaccines and booster shots you may need. If you are traveling overseas, consult with us regarding your travel plans, and we’ll investigate to see if any other additional vaccines are needed to ensure a safe trip. No one wants to travel halfway around the world only to get sick. As you get ready for your trip, let us help get your immune system ready for overseas travel. We suggest visiting our facility 4 to 6 weeks in advance, so any vaccines can take full effect.

Texas Primary Care is located at 9191 Kyser Way #205 Frisco, TX 75033. You can easily park in the lot we share with many other great businesses just outside of our building. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Our medical clinic accepts most major insurances including AARP, Humana, Medicare, Cigna, and United Healthcare. For a complete and up to date list of insurances we take, please visit our insurance page. Are you uninsured or don’t see your company listed? Call our very friendly staff today at 972-458-4742. We’ll research what options you may have or go over our discounted self-pay rates with you.

We look forward to meeting you and serving you! Let us help you get back on the healthy path again and feel better today!

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